Types of Buttons

The use of the button is part of our daily life, either as a functional accessory or as an ornament. However, what we do not know and do not stop to think about is that in its long history, buttons have been developed in a multitude of materials.

Before the twentieth century they were made exclusively with natural materials such as corozo, bone, horn, nacre, wood, leather, galalith or coconut. Nowadays, it also highlights the development of metal buttons, the product of alloys such as zamak or brass.

However, it has been the development of synthetic materials that has allowed to produce raw materials with structures that equal or even exceed the beautiful and strange forms offered by natural materials.

It shoud to be note that for CABOSA GROUP it is important to take care of the environment, that is why we are developing a new line of recycled materials and ecological materials with which we can continue to contribute to the care of the planet.

For us, customer satisfaction comes first, and in this textile world marked by changing trends and high demands, CABOSA Group takes special care to get modern designs and professional finishes with the latest technologies in button manufacturing to meet the demands of the market.

Natural and Organic Buttons

Buttons made with natural and organic materials give a unique effect and superior quality. They are characterized by their original beauty and thanks to this they do not need any coloring process, neither any finishing of industrial type. Very achieved colors are got and give a touch of distinction to all the clothing where they are used.

Metal Buttons

The metallic buttons have a very versatile use, since being the product of an injection process, there is practically no limit to determine the design of the button, since the mold can have any shape, which allows us to make buttons, buttons combined with other materials, etc. These buttons have a long durability since they are covered by a bath that makes them resistant to different weather conditions.

Synthetic Buttons

Synthetic buttons are made with different plastic resins that can imitate natural materials or have their own structures that are not found in nature. Its origin dates from the second half of the 20th century with the appearance of the first plastics, and since CABOSA was founded, our R & D department has developed countless synthetic materials exclusive to our firm thanks to the countless number of designs that can get.

All our synthetic buttons are characterized by their long durability, by being made with eco-friendly materials and by the strict quality controls under which they are manufactured.

Recycled and Ecological Buttons

Among the new materials developed by our R & D department is the line of ecological and recycled materials, which are made of resin and recycled materials such as paper, wood, etc.