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The company

The textile world is like a great chain that starts with an idea and the desire to make it a reality, and this is possible thanks to the hard work of thousands of people who work as a great team and transform this idea into a beautiful garment that finally decorates a shop window. At CABOSA GROUP, we are proud to belong to this big machinary that provides the best quality products to the Spanish and International textile world.

Nowadays, CABOSA GROUP is a group of Spanish companies dedicated to manufacturing buttons, zippers and textile accessories with a presence in the national market for more than 75 years. Over time, thanks to our entrepreneurial skills and the desire to offer a high quality service to our customers, the company has grown and has forged an excellent business relationship with the main Spanish textile manufacturers such as the different brands of Zara Group, El Corte Inglés, Mango, Mayoral, as well as with prestigious international market customers with a presence in the rest of Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

Our principal characteristic is to offer the best relation quality/price and a really fast service, and we are constantly developing new techniques and materials to be at the forefront of the latest demands of the industry . To this end, we have a Research and Development department, as well as a Design department that studies the latest trends, being our main support the most advanced technology within our facilities, as we have latest generation machines  that make ideas from both departments come true.

Our collection is mainly composed of buttons and zippers, but we also offer a wide variety of accessories imposed by the fashion industry every season, such as toggles, horns, buckles, terminals and tensioners or clasps combining leather with metallics articles. All of our articles are made to fit every clothing item: men, women, children, workwear…All this makes our collections some of the most advanced within the industry, both in number of products and in quality and design. 

Our goal is to continue consolidating our position in the domestic market and continue increasing our expansion in the principal international markets around the globe, while we maintain our highest quality standards by complying with certifications such as Oeko-Tex, remain committed to the environment and preserve the good service we have delivered to our customers since our very beginning. 

Our History

Although Spain since the nineteenth century has been characterized by having an important textile industry in regard to the manufacture of fabrics, it was in the post-war era when the desire to promote industrial growth borned throughout the country. This was the case of the garment industry, and the idea of creating a company starts to be an important movement of economic self-sufficiency. In 1955 CABOSA was born to contribute to the growth of the national garment industry, with the dream to show our clients that quality and good service have a Spanish stamp in our firm.

For more than 75 years we have demonstrated to our valuable customers we are trusted suppliers, establishing commercial relationships that go beyond simple numbers. However, the market opened new challenges as the garment industry grew, and to overcome this challenge and maintain the level of service that our customers deserve, we decided to grow even more through the acquisition of Botones Sorovica in 2003. This company was founded in 1954, and entailed the incorporation of one of the oldest Spanish factories with extensive experience in both the domestic clothing market and the international one. In 2009, continuing with our growth, we acquired Europroduction, which is now known as CABOSA France, since its headquarters are in France and represents the group’s highest-end product line.

It is important to note that not only was the demand for quantity and quality growing, but also the demand for diversity of articles grew, so we expanded the catalog of products offered and was created our zip division: Distribuciones Proinla, in the year 2011.

The rise of globalization in the XXI century has allowed the expansion of our market beyond our borders, allowing us to have operations centers in Africa and Asia. The new focus of our company is bringing together the congregation of the four firms under a single name: CABOSA Group, created in 2017 as a strategy to continue our growth in this changing market to which we now offer a greater international presence, maintaining at all times the principles under which CABOSA was founded in 1955.

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