Human Resources

The success of Cabosa Group could not be explained without its employees: its contribution and involvement are key. Our goal is that all people working in the company maintain a positive, proactive attitude that generates new ideas and innovation, performing with passion and without any sign of gender, capacity or origin barriers.

To achieve this, Cabosa Group offers workers opportunities to evolve according to their skills and preferences. If you want to be part of our team, where you can grow professionally and help us develop our projects, here we offer you the necessary information to opt for the different ways to get it.

Internships for students:

At Cabosa Group, the temporary collaboration of interns allows students to approach the world of the company to gain professional experience, through constant learning. The practices allow the real acquisition of knowledge and experiences, the application of theoretical concepts and the practice of behaviors for interpersonal relationships in the professional environment. They are a great opportunity to grow and reach your maximum potential. If you are interested in doing your internship with us, send your CV to, indicating both the company and the area that best fits your profile.

Employment for experienced professionals:

Cabosa Group is in full national and international expansion, so the needs of qualified and experienced personnel are growing every day. If you think you can add value to our companies and you are looking for a stable job with great projection, send your CV to