We are ECO


Reduce Reuse Recycle

At Cabosa Group we manufacture from our own material: REECO®

REECO® is based on the recycling of polyester leftovers from our manufacturing process.

In every production process we work with environmentally friendly materials, which is why our companies are certified by Global Recycled Standard. 

Cabosa Group, obtains GRS certificate for buttons, made from 100% recycled raw material, made from recycled ocean plastics .

 Cabosa Group, launches GRS Certificate for zips, manufactured with more than 20% recycled material.

Our aim as a company is to ensure a working system where social, environmental and chemical practices are responsible in every production process.

To guarantee that Cabosa Group complies with all the conditions and that our REECO® products are fully recycled, we have the GRS Certificate.


The Global Recycled Standard is an international certificate which aims to verify the recycled content in products, ensure accurate content declarations, good working conditions and that harmful environmental and chemical impact is minimised.


Through this production process and by combining recycled raw materials in different ways, we have developed a range of recycled materials. (texto de la parte inferior)

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