We are ECO

We are ECO

Demonstrating our commitment to the environment

For a more sustainable planet

As a members of the same planet we want to protect  both the biosphere and all those inside.  That is why for years we have committed our activity to a sustainable planet.

All the products we manufacture in Cabosa Group from buttons to zippers are made  with different materials that take care the environment in different ways.

In order to reduce the generation of waste, reuse raw material and avoid the production of pollutants, we focus on our own resources and on waste generated at the end of each production process, creating a new raw material: REECO®

REECO® rises in the recycling of excess polyester in our manufacturing process. 

Starting from REECO® we have designed and created new recycled materials in order to generate a circular economy within the group of companies. And with an eye on getting to create a new type of production.

Respectful Materials

Semilla de corozo
Recycled Paper. Papel Reciclado


“Cabosa Group, obtains GRS Certificate for buttons, made from  recycled ocean plastics, with 100% recycled raw material”. 


“Cabosa Group introduces GRS Certificate for zips, manufactured with more than 20% recycled material.” 

We are an Eco-Friendly company

In CABOSA GROUP we support sustainability, we want to contribute our grain of sand to achieve the Sustainable Development proposed by the ONU. Therefore, one of our main objectives is to collaborate in “Objective 12 of the ONU” (guarantee consumption and production and sustainable modalities) considerably reducing waste generation. For this we proceed through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse activities applying The Three R Rule.


the production of packaging, the printing of documents and the use of products packaged with plastic.


creating new raw materials from materials that no longer serve.


waste, stock, materials, waste etc. encouraging the circular economy.

Our commitment to you

Recycling is not just reusing products 

Recycling implies cleaning the planet of waste with polluting power, it implies avoiding the exploitation of natural resources and virgin raw materials involving those residues in a cycle of sustainable economy and finally, recycling implies teaching how to care for and protect our planet.

  • Reduce the consumption of primary materials
  • Consume energy from renewable sources
  • Generate more jobs
  • Promote the circular economy in our production process
  • Raise awareness among our customers, workers and suppliers to develop a sustainable activity
Objetivos Cabosa Group con el medio ambiente



  • We raise awareness among our workers since they arrive at the company every day  to be  economical and careful in their consumption
  • We do not produce polluting emissions
  • The generated water is monitored everytime preventing contamination
  • In each process we recover water for later reuse
  • We reduce electricity consumption by optimizing our factories / machinery
  • We optimize energy expenditure in all areas of the company
  • All chemicals used comply with REACH

Social Commitment

  • We ensure the occupational safety and well-being of our team
  • We promote equal opportunities for all our members
  • We are committed to cultural diversity
  • We reject forced labor and child explotation
  • All personnel have PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • We accept trade union and workers associations, although they have never been needed
  • At CABOSA GROUP we believe that the success of a company is forged in coordinated teamwork
  • That is why we foster a good working environment among all workers
equipo cabosa group

Circular Economy

Economy & Environment Finally United

According to the Circular Economy Foundation, the main objective is “the production of goods and services while reducing the consumption and waste of raw materials, water and energy sources.”

With the current economic and development model, we are depleting certain natural resources. Therefore, the circular economy proposes a new model of society that reuses and optimizes materials and waste, giving them a second life.

Thus transforming the linear model into a cycle that feeds back.

A lot of work has to be done on the part of the product from the eco-design with the aim of manufacturing goods and services so that they can be disassembled, updated and repaired, thus making it possible to extend their useful life and avoid the production of waste .

In this way, applying the principle of the Circular Economy, the environmental impact is reduced, waste disposal is reduced and raw materials are saved.


Taking into account the benefits that this economic model brings to companies and the environmental framework, CABOSA GROUP is committed to this cycle through REECO®, as we have explained in previous sections, reusing and recycling our own raw materials, producing our materials and reducing The environmental impact.

The recycled polyester by Cabosa Gorup