Our Indentity

Quality at the service of our Customers

In CABOSA GROUP we are very aware that to get our brand identified with quality, we have to be present throughout the production process of our zippers and buttons, from design to final delivery through manufacturing and ensuring that those standards remain present throughout the life of each of our products.

In addition, thanks to the experience of so many years at the service of our customers, we have managed to incorporate the customization to all our services, so we adapt to the requests and suggestions of our customers to continue offering a differential service. We constantly remodel, develop and incorporate improvements to all our processes with one objective: CLIENTS THAT TRUST US.

We supply the zippers or buttons that suit your needs and always at a competitive price.

International Presence

Over the last few years, we have opted for a growth and geographical diversification strategy that has allowed us to grow quickly and sustainably. For this reason, we have turned our attention to markets with a high development potential and thanks to our capabilities and our experience we have managed to achieve a relevant position in these markets.

Thanks to this new strategy, we can boast of being present in the leading rack and button manufacturers in more than 15 countries.

As a result of this, from our international department we attend personally and in the language of origin to all our customers from all over the world. For this we have highly qualified personnel with recognized experience.

For the future we want to continue consolidating in the markets where we have presence at the same time we attract new countries with high development potential where we can continue to expand and offer the best zippers and buttons.

Quality and Environment

In CABOSA Group we are aware of the level of requirement demanded by our customers in each order we serve, this is the reason why we have a strict control of quality in our production plants, where we perform controls from the beginning of the manufacturing process that start with the elaboration of tests to our raw materials, going through quality inspections in the different stages of manufacturing and at last a full quality control of the finished product.

This quality control standard allows us to ensure that each of our buttons, zippers or accessories complies with European regulations, having OEKO-TEX certification which indicates to our consumers that our articles comply with Appendix XVII of REACH, as well as as with the American requirements regarding consumer product safety (CPSIA) and the requirements of the Chinese standard GB 18401: 2010.

The path of continuous improvement in quality controls of the companies of the Group has gone hand in hand with our desire to contribute to the safety of the planet, which is why in our portfolios there are only eco-friendly materials, and nowadays Our Research and Development department is working on a new line of ecological and recycled products that are not only respectful with the environment, but allow to reuse the resources that we normally discard such as paper, wood, resin, straw, etc., in the development of our articles.

Research and Development

CABOSA Group’s product catalog is constantly growing, and the Research and Development department is a fundamental part of this process together with the design team. R & D is in charge of realizing the ideas that arise from fashion trends in each season, with special dedication in the development of innovative materials to match the demands and demands of each market.

Today, CABOSA Group has as an undeniable part of the sustainable development movement in which the textile industry is embarking, which is why our R & D department is making an important investment of its resources in the development of raw materials compatible with the care of the environment, always having as a priority to make each new article comply with the highest standards of quality and safety for the consumer.