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botones y accesorios de verano
Remember that we have already launched the SPRING/SUMMER 21 collection and you have all our products at your disposal.
botones de verano perlas y nacar
Perl and nacre buttons
A summary of the trends to be worn in summer 2021 would be matte finishes, the striking colors combined with neutral colors such as cream, beige, pale colors… natural materials such as mother-of-pearl, coconut, pearl… and above all sustainable materials that are manufactured from environmentally and ecosystem-friendly processes. But what inspires us most about summer are natural products.




botones naturales
Natural buttons

Our natural materials give rise to buttons, appliques, zippers, and other accessories.

What is your favorite natural material?
Leave it to us in the comments and we’ll show you more products.
Have a nice week!

Koala recycled buttons, reeco buttons, recycled, sustainable work

Sustainable Work

Cabosa Group works sustainable since years

"A healthy mind, recycling, organic products and sustainable production are the best tools to take care of our planet."

Since we entered the world of production, we always wanted to grow in a sustainable way. Always avoiding mass productions that emit toxic gases to the planet or pollute the waters.

We choose to recycle our water, reuse waste that can contaminate, and work through a circular production chain. Today we are proud to have obtained the GRS certification (Global Recycled Standard) for two of our four companies. Although we don’t want to stay there, everyday is a new challenge for improvement for our products, facilities and production methods.
reeco buttons in koala recycled
Koala Recycled
Since we created REECO the recycled polyester, we have been working on creating new models of buttons and zippers that will one day replace those products made in factories that pollute the atmosphere.

"A healthy mind, recycling, organic products and sustainable production are the best tools to take care of our planet."

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Congo Inclinado Recycled
You can see more REECO materials on our website, section We are ECO and on our social networks, also don’t forget to follow our account.

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