Did you know that buttons and zips can be eco-friendly? Find out how our textile accessories are contributing to sustainable fashion.

Did you know that buttons and zips can be eco-friendly? Find out how our textile accessories are contributing to sustainable fashion.

The fashion industry has wanted to join the protection of the environment in order to reduce the carbon footprint and educate consumers to follow the slow fashion movement.

At CABOSA GROUP we are committed to protecting the environment, which is why we developed the patented and registered trademark REECO®, born in the recycling of polyester leftover from the manufacturing process. In addition, we use recycled, organic and ecological materials.

Before REECO®, the waste from the manufacturing process was shredded and collected by a recycling company. This process has changed with REECO® because now we are the ones who process this waste and reuse this material, manufacturing polyester buttons with a percentage of more than 20% of recycled raw material.

In addition, we have another production system that consists of manufacturing buttons with plastic waste from the oceans, which means that the percentage of recycled raw material is 100%.




We also offer zips made with materials and processes that minimize environmental impact, manufactured with over 20% recycled material, a conscious and responsible option to reduce the ecological footprint of consumption.

It is important to emphasise that in every production process we work with environmentally friendly materials, which is why our companies are certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS).

In order to guarantee that we meet all requirements and that our REECO® products are fully recycled, we are certified according to the international Global Recycled Standard (GRS). With this certificate we position ourselves as a recognised and prominent brand in the awareness of recycling textile and plastic waste from the oceans, joining the Eco Friendly factories. Cabosa and Proinla, factories belonging to the CABOSA group, are the only companies in Spain with this certificate for zips, buttons and textile accessories.



 Through this production process and by combining recycled raw material in different ways, we have developed a series of materials:


  • Recycled: Fancy, Galadur, Kenya, Cebu, Maori, Maori K, Iride, Concha, Fancy K, Cervus, Koala, Kenya Vintage, Congo and Nacar. 
  • Organic: Galalith, Bone, Roe, Olive, Coconut, Mother-of-pearl, Beech, Horn and Leather.
  • Ecological: Eco-Wood, Eco-Paper, Safari and Coco Eco.

If you want more information about our REECO® collections of buttons, zippers and textile accessories, do not hesitate to contact us.

Count on Cabosa Group to make your brand more sustainable!

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