We have Eco Friendly factories

We have Eco Friendly factories

Cabosa Group has new Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification for buttons and zippers, joining the Eco Friendly factories. We are now a recognized and prominent brand in the recycling awareness of synthetic textile and plastic waste from the oceans.

We have a varied collection focused on sustainability, presenting a series of products designed and produced with materials and processes that minimize the environmental, social and chemical impact, being a conscious and responsible option to reduce the ecological footprint of consumption.


 Cabosa obtains GRS Certificate for buttons, manufactured with recycled plastics from the oceans, we use 100% recycled raw material.



Proinla introduces GRS Certificate for zippers, manufactured with more than 20% recycled material.


The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certificate recognizes the benefits we are giving to the planet in environmental, social and chemical criteria; perfectly integrating the use of recycled raw material in the quality of our buttons and zippers, leaving a legacy as a company and society in the textile world, offering you the guarantee of a more sustainable production out of the everyday.

Now your collections can contribute to the reduction of the ecological footprint. Remember, every small action counts in protecting our planet!

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